February 22, 2018

Buying Combination MULTI-INGREDIENT weight loss products


As a quick review, keep the following guidelines in mind when buying combination weight-loss products. Consider what you are currently taking, consult with your physician before starting the weight-loss product.

Manufacturers are in business to make a profit, so they need to convince you to buy their merchandise. Thus, they advertise that their product is “different” or “improved” as compared with their competitors’ products, and that the results you receive cannot be duplicated with those other products. But if you read the labels, you will discover the similarities among weight-loss products. The “difference” or “improvement” may be the addition of one or more vitamins, minerals, or herbs that contributes little or nothing to the effectiveness of the product, or it may be a “proprietary blend” (trade secret).

Many manufacturers and distributors were contacted about their products and asked to reveal how much of each ingredient was in their merchandise. Many refused to answer, invoking their right to list their ingredients as “proprietary.” “Proprietary blend” means the manufacturers do not have to tell consumers the amount of each ingredient in their special recipe.

When you pick up a weight-loss product and see the word “proprietary” on the label, you are essentially being asked to pay for a “mystery.” Even though the names of the ingredients may be listed, you have no idea whether they are present at levels that are beneficial for weight loss.


• Are the dosage instructions ones you can easily follow?

If you need to take the product every few hours or if taking it conflicts with your schedule or other medications you take, you should look for a more convenient product.

• Beware of products that “require” you to buy several or an entire line of dietary merchandise. This tactic can lock you into an expensive, inconvenient, and unrealistic weight-loss program.

Always read labels, even if you have bought the product previously. Manufacturers often make ingredient changes Of modifications to their instructions, warnings, or other information. Such a change may not be obvious, especially if the label or packaging itself has not changed in any noticeable way.

Read between the lines of all the advertising materials that accompany each product. Look for ambiguous and weak statements; you won’t have to look far in many cases. “Studies prove” and “research shows” are good only if the manufacturer can back up their claims with unbiased studies, which means they were not done or funded by the manufacturer.


You can read what weight loss pills we recommend here.

Apart from that, the following weight loss products are also good.

Minolest: The three ingredients (glucomannan, guar gum, and psyllium) in this product have been shown to produce satiety and help reduce appetite in some people: It is safe when used as directed.

Satietrol: The two primary ingredients, glucomannan and  guar gum, have been shown to produce satiety and help reduce appetite in .some people. No adverse effects have been reported when used as directed.

SlimFast: This product is a reasonable meal replacement if it is used as directed; that is, if should not be the sole source of nutrition, and the other one or two regular meals should be healthy ones.

Weight Loss Plus Green Tea: Scientific studies have shown that green tea boosts metabolism. Green tea is the primary ingredient in this product, and the other ingredients are considered to be safe.