February 25, 2018

How to really choose a weight loss pill ?


The rate of obesity increases unceasingly every year in the United States (US). This is partly due to the Americans’ eating habits which include junk foods, burgers and sodas, which is known to have high calorie content. As the rate of obesity increases, the demand for weight loss pills also increases. This is because more and more obese people, especially those in their teenage years, look for a diet pill that can actually help them lose the extra pounds. But looking for the right diet pill can be very much confusing. There are those which can cause harmful side effects and there are those which are not as effective as the others.

So what do you look for when choosing a diet pill? What should you avoid? Here are a few tips which might help you decide what brand of pill to buy.

Consider the Side effects

The first thing that one should watch out for are the possible side effects that the drug can cause. One should be aware that not every pill available in the market is safe. Not all brands are clinically tested, and there are those which contain harmful ingredients. For example, recall the recent incident concerning Hydroxycut. This just proves that the diet pills being sold in the market are not screened or filtered enough to be considered safe.

One major ingredient most people would like to avoid is ephedra. Ephedra is a powerful stimulant that was banned in 2006 by the FDA. However, recently, it was brought back by some companies for some business reasons. The consumers should be a little more careful starting now for some companies selling weight loss products are actually using ephedrine but are hiding this fact from the public. Ephedrine is still used nowadays, not for weight loss purposes but for treatment of asthma. It is used in small amounts (25-30 mg), which is said to be legal. This small amount is unable to promote weight loss. The fat burning function of ephedra is only achieved by using larger amounts, with the risk of causing potentially serious side effects. Having said these, consumers then should check the company’s reliability and stability first before buying any product.

Another ingredient to watch out for is Clenbuterol. It is famous for its powerful and effective fat burning capabilities. Many individuals who have used it even recommend this ingredient in their homepages. It is pretty much impressive when it comes to serious weight loss and bodybuilding. But despite of its great advantages, it presents even greater drawbacks. What you may not know is that Clenbuterol is illegal, and is originally meant to be used in horses. It can be extremely dangerous, causing serious health problems. Some studies show that it can cause heart problems both on horses and humans using it. Also, the problems the ingredient can cause on horses would be multiplied on humans due to the large difference in size.

Lastly, the final ingredient that we have on our radar as an unsafe ingredient is yohimbine. It was traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine, and there are some who believe that it creates more testosterone in the body. This production of testosterone is the main reason why it is used in some diet pills and muscle builders for it creates a way to encourage fat burning and building of lean muscle mass. It is also used as a sexual enhancer or for that matter an aphrodisiac in men. The main problem with this ingredient, however, is that there are no scientific studies proving it to be a powerful and effective weight loss agent. Also, it should only be used in diet pills specifically for men due to the testosterone element. It can also trigger health problems such as heart attacks, strokes, renal failure, and severe kidney damage.

Hyped vs. Effective ingredients/products

Aside from the above-mentioned ingredients, there is one more thing that the consumers should actually look out for, and that is hyped ingredients. These hyped ingredients are what one can actually see on popular news stations and television stations. These ingredients sure are proven to be safe, but they are really not proven to be effective. In reality, these products most likely will not be effective in producing the desired results. The true results are actually always less than what the advertisements tell you. Just take for example the case of ingredients like hoodia and acai . Although there are scientific studies that prove that they can be very useful for weight loss but the problem is when a weight loss “ingredient” becomes popular, several overnight businesses pop up with their own version of the product (like in the case of hoodia and acai) each claiming to be the best product with that popular ingredient while these products might contain only very nominal amount of the ingredient or even worse, they might not contain the “ingredient” itself. This is the case with acai and hoodia today. With so many worthless products on the market, people buying them and finding these products don’t work, ultimately the conclusion is made that “acai” and “hoodia” itself does not work which is wrong. In our analysis of diet pills, we have found 2 products – one containing acai and one containing hoodia. You can read about all diet pills we recommend here.

The skinny on choosing the right diet pill

So what should you look for when searching for the right diet pill? Here’s a basic breakdown that you may find helpful in choosing the best weight loss pill.

First and foremost, do not trust free trial offers blindly. One should not consume anything unless he or she is sure that the product is at least safe.

Second, look out for products based on resveratrol, hoodia, green tea, acai, pomegranate, or other natural/herbal ingredients backed actively by the medical community. But before taking them, check the authenticity of the product and its ingredients.

Third, look for a money back guarantee. Preferably look for a lifetime money back guarantee, but at the very least, you should get 60 days.

Fourth, look for clinically proven ingredients. The producers should be able to cite clinical studies or you should be able to find them on reliable sites such as PubMed. Even better, you should look for patented ingredients. Patented ingredients are bigger, better, and oftentimes even safer.

And fifth, look for a full ingredients list. Many times, hyped up products are only focused on ingredients such as acai for example. These products only show a few “key ingredients”, which actually hides the other actual ingredients.

Few More Tips

Other than the main concerns listed above, the following tips might be helpful too:

You should watch out for sites that will not let you leave without a pop up. These are usually coupled with free trial offers. Also, look for a reasonable price, which should fall somewhere in the middle. At $5-$10, you will never find a valid weight loss pill. But you shouldn’t have to pay $80-$100.

One should also look for a variety of approaches. A weight loss pill that is just a fat burner, just an Appetite suppressant, just a cleanser, etc., will not work as effective as “multi-ingredient fat loss pills”. It is always best to find a product that is a fat burner, Appetite suppressant, blood sugar regulator, cleanser, etc. all in one.

Lastly, use a product that has lean muscle builders. When you build lean muscle mass, it increases your body’s natural metabolism. It will not make you big and bulky, but it will leave you defined and not “soft” as they put it.

There are a couple of products that are actually proven to be effective and safe by scientific studies. They are also found to live up to every requirement and to actually produce results. One of these is Phen375. It is among only a few weight loss pills to use patented weight loss ingredients, let alone to use 4 patented weight loss compounds (clinically tested fat burning and weight loss ingredients). It works to help you lose weight in every way and has 2 major different mechanisms – appetite suppression and fat burning. With these patented ingredients, you are sure to see more effective and more concentrated results without many of the usual side effects and without huge pills that would be required to get all the effective amounts were you to use the original forms of said ingredients. Read about all weight loss pills we recommend.

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