February 22, 2018

Crevax diet pills reviews


Crevax is a Swiss herbal fat burning supplement. It includes 7 100 % natural ingredients which can burn away 7 pounds in only 6 days. Actually, this supplement guarantees that dieters can lose 37 pounds a month. The pill should be able to manage your craving, burn off fat, raise your mood and block fat. Crevax certainly makes bold claims. However, their product is backed with a 100% money back guarantee. The website provides a graph and or chart that compares Crevax to its competitors -  Alli, Ephedra, TrimSpa and phentermine. The chart demonstrates Crevax may be the formulation of it’s type capable of burning fat, suppress appetite, boost health, and that’s proven by research and shown to be safe. Additionally they boast they are the only real weight loss supplement from the ones in the above list containing 100% authentic hoodia. The web site includes a large list of testimonials and achievement tales. However, one has to wonder how true these stories are really!

However, about the positive side, Crevax was featured over the Oprah Winfrey Show. A variety of the ingredients are utilized to fight depression, therefore the usage of Crevax can also enhance your feeling.

CreVax is yet another diet drug that spouts miracle statements throughout its ads. Actually, based on the official website, it claims that twenty one pounds might be lost with this pill within only 7 days time, and that the standard weight reduction pill is seven pounds within six days.

One notable factor about CreVax weight loss supplements is the fact that all the ingredients are listed along with their quantities. This permits the components to remain verified against any studies about them with regards to weight reduction and also to decide whether enough is included within the drug to possess a positive effect on dropping excess weight.

For example, the CreVax ingredient Taurine is a kind of organic acid that is a nerve impulse generator. Though it is often an ingredient of energy drinks, studies have demonstrated that it has no impact whatsoever on energy levels.

When it comes to ingredient ‘guarana’ the only time Guarana has been confirmed to assist along with weight reduction reaches times that it’s coupled with yerba mate and damiana  neither of which are ingredients of CreVax.

Although green tea extract is known as a proven ingredient for helping with weight reduction, CreVax doesn’t have the essential 300mg within the daily dosage that is needed to get any effect whatsoever.

Hoodia gordonii, although it has brought lots of press, never had any research prove which it makes any positive contribution for an effort to lose weight naturally. This is definitely the most famous ineffective dietary fads ingredient in history up to now. Also, CreVax only contains 6mg of Hoodia

Gordonii, which is far less than most other diet pills that contain 200mg or more. The only proven weight loss ingredient in CreVax diet pills is caffeine, which does increase metabolic rate and energy levels. This being said, there doesn’t appear to be any other ingredients within the CreVax blend that  in the quantities in which they are used in the drug will help with weight loss in any way.

Recommended Use:

Days 1, 2, and 3 – Take 2 fat burning capsules every morning prior to breakfast.
Day 4 – Take 1 capsule before breakfast.
Day 5, 6 – Do not take any capsules on these days. This break is essential to maximize your body’s metabolism and weight loss.
On the following day, which will be the seventh day repeat the cycle, starting at day 1.


(Serving Size: 2 capsules)

Taurine    300mg
Guarana seed extract (50% caffeine)    200mg
Caffeine    200mg
Green tea leaf extract    160mg
Silica    16mg
Gynostemma pentaphyllum standardized extract    10mg
Salvia miltiorrhiza (Red Sage) root    10mg
Lycium chinese fruit extract    10mg
Peony root extract    10mg
Magnesium stearate    10mg
Hoodia gordonii 20:1 extract (aerial parts)    6mg

Positive aspects:

Improves your metabolic process naturally
Might enhance your complexion
Offers minimum side effects
Makes use of natural ingredients present in depression medication
Lose up to 21 pounds in 6 days on the CreVax 6-day plan
CreVax has received rave reviews and fantastic customer testimonials
Includes Hoodia


Has not been FDA approved
Has not been tested for complete safety
Might be more costly that competitors
CreVax does not endorse any form of diet and exercise
Does contain caffeine, which has known side effects such as nausea and racing heart