February 22, 2018

Dianixx weight loss review by Pharma Botanixx


ACTION: Balances appetite, stops cravings, and helps you feel full.

SOLD AS: Tablets.

INGREDIENTS.: This “is a traditional Chinese medicine formula. The blend is proprietary: poria cocos sclerotium (hoelen), plantain, gentian a, rhubarb, cassia seed, chih-shih, prunella, phoenix-tail fern, hsiang-ju, schizandrae fructus, mentha, and. licorice.

HOW TO TAKE IT: The producers of this product suggest taking 3 to 4 tablets 1 hour before meals. As soon as results have been reached, the guidelines are to take 3 to 6 tablets in the morning or afternoon for upkeep.The components have been demonstrated to work together to stabilize the appetite and quit fat and carbohydrate cravings. Additionally, they help with digestion and help get rid of extra fluid from the body. Hoelen, plantain, prunella, phoenixtail fern, and hsiang-ju are diuretics. Hoelen also minimizes cravings for fats and sugars, and chih-shih causes you to feel full very soon after you begin to eat. Rhubarb makes the digestive process begin sooner, and gentiana and chih-shih aid digestion. The manufacturer says that all the ingredients are 100 percent natural, that no stimulating elements are used, and that there aren’t any advisable limitations for use along with over-the-counter drugs.

COMMENTS: The standard Chinese medicine approach is to treat the entire body; thus, the ingredients in this formula address both symptoms and the fundamental issues related to obesity. Even if this product does not appear to contain any harmful ingredients, its weight reduction abilities have not been proven.