February 22, 2018

Minolest, by Bionax review


Minolest, by Bionax

ACTION: Suppresses appetite.

AVAILABLE AS: Powder, sold in packets.

INGREDIENTS: Psyllium, glucomannan, and guar gum.

HOW TO TAKE IT: The package directions are to mix the contents of a packet with water and drink it immediately, or allow it to sit for about 10 minutes until it turns jellylike and eat it with a spoon. The recommended dosage is 2 to 3 packets per day.


Minolest provides fiber that makes you feel full and therefore less likely to overeat. Proof of this claim appeared in a study published in the American Academy of Medicine (Singapore) in 1999. The study evaluated the use of Minolest on lipid (fat) levels in people with high ‘cholesterol and also evaluated its effect on obesity and blood’ pressure. Sixty-seven subjects received either Minolest (16.5 grams per┬áday) or a placebo for 3 months. The individuals who took Minolest had a 3.24 percent decrease in their total cholesterol level and only a small (not significant) difference in the amount of weight lost or in triglyceride or blood pressure levels when compared with the placebo group. The subjects who took Minolest experienced few side effects and reportedly had reduced feelings of hunger and improved digestion.
COMMENTS: The three ingredients in Minolest have been shown to cause a feeling of fullness, reduce appetite, and result in some weight loss.