February 25, 2018

Citrimax for weight loss


Citrimax or hydroxycitric acid (HCA) has turned into a popular weight-loss product. It is based on Garcinia cambogia, a fruit from India that resembles a little pumpkin. Its makers tout it as being a “carb blocker,” which means that it prevents carbohydrates from turning out to be fat.

HCA stands out as the main ingredient in Citrimax, Super Citrimax, Hydroxycut, Citrin, and Super Garcinia.

In ’09 the FDA warned consumers to instantly stop using Hydroxycut products because of reports of countless serious health issues including cardiovascular disorders, liver damage, and seizures; however, HCA had not been recognized as the main cause.
Super Citrimax is really a health supplement manufactured by InterHealth Nutraceuticals, an organization founded by William Seroy in 1987. The corporation additionally created supplements like ChromeMate, OptiBerry, L-OptiZinc, Protykin, ZMA, UC-II and Aller-7. Super Citrimax incorporates all-natural ingredients and aims to help you with weight reduction. It is known to become potent and safe.

The official website isn’t going to offer customer testimonials or testimonials with this diet drug. Super Citrimax doesn’t seem to be offered on the official website. A few of the primary active ingredients in Super Citrimax are natural plant extracts for example Garcinia Cambogia (South Asian fruit) and hydroxycitric acid (HCA). These types of 2 ingredients function together to suppress the user’s appetite and inhibit fat production.

It’s not at all stated whether it health supplement is aimed toward people specifically. There is some clinical research posted around the official website. No free trial offer samples of Super Citrimax are available right this moment. The official website doesn’t reveal where Super Citrimax can easily be bought. A complete product ingredient list is not available on the website for Super Citrimax. The dietary plan drug should be used daily with water. No specific fitness regimen or diet plan is recommended with Super Citrimax pills.


Super Citrimax supplements contain a few all-natural ingredients.
Super Citrimax is available in an easy-to-manage pill form.
There is some clinical evidence offered over the official website.


There won’t be any customer testimonials offered around the official Super Citrimax website.
There doesn’t seem to be any 100% money-back/satisfaction guarantee offered with Super Citrimax.
Presently there are not any free trial offer examples of Super Citrimax provided over the website.
There is absolutely no full product ingredient list provided over the official website.
An exercise regimen and nutritious diet usually are not discussed around the Super Citrimax website.
Super Citrimax doesn’t seem to be offered for sale on the official website, nor is there anywhere that the manufacturers send users interested in buying the product.
There is no pricing offered for Super Citrimax diet supplements.


Cantidad por dosis        Valor diario
Calcio    72 mg                       7%
Cromo    125 mcg                       82%
Sodio    20 mg                       <1%
Garcinia Cambogia (fruta),
Ginseng Extracto (raiz),
Biloba Polvo (hojas)615 mg    *
Cafeina    20 mg    *

General Unwanted Effects:

Some consumers have reported experiencing nausea, stomach discomfort or pain, intestinal discomfort or pain, or headaches after taking products containing hydroxycitric acid. Additionally, the Food and Drug Administration has warned consumers to avoid using Hydroxycut, another weight loss pill, because of excessive quantity of hydroxycitric acid perfectly located at the product. The warning and product recall came following the FDA received nearly 24 reports of jaundice, elevated liver enzymes, the requirement for a liver transplant along with other serious health issues.

Allergic Reactions:

As with any medication, Citrimax has the possibility of triggering an allergic reaction. Its prime component, hydroxycitric acid, can cause reactions such as itching, hives, rashes, swelling of the mouth or throat, wheezing and difficulty breathing.


As of December 2009, there are no known serious side effects or risks associated with taking Citrimax. However, studies conducted on rats have shown that high doses of hydroxycitric acid caused damage and shrinkage of the testicles. It is not known if the same holds true for humans.


Citrimax will never be evaluated or authorized by the U.S. FDA. All medications have the prospective to cause unwanted effects or serious interactions, which means you must always speak with your physician before taking Citrimax. Furthermore, you should speak to your physician before starting any kind of diet.