February 25, 2018

Thermo-Actives by Natrol review


Thermo-Actives  by Natrol review

ACTION: Boosts metabolism.

SOLD AS: Capsules.

INGREDIENTS: Each capsule contains ginger extract, ISO mg; sida cordifolia, 100 mg, mucuna puriens extract, 100 mg; cayenne, 50 mg; mustard seed, 15 mg; Bioperine, 15 mg. Other ingredients include rice powder; silicon dioxide; gelatin; magnesium stearate: This product does not contain wheat; sugar; yeast; com; soy; starch; artificial colors; or artificial preservatives.

HOW TO TAKE IT: Package directions advise taking 1 cap-: sule per day with a light meal.

WHAT IS IT SUPPOSED TO DO: The commercials declare that ThermoActives improves the body’s own natural metabolism levels. The formula is made up of various heat-producing herbs that produce a “spark” that burns calories without having to use chemical stimulants. Natrol’s Thermo-Actives Plan consists of the capsules together with a exercising and calorie restriction plan.

COMMENTS: One of several ingredients in this product is sida cordifolia, which includes small amounts of ephedrine (ephedra). Ephedra has been associated with serious side effects, including death. There is definitely no reliable scientific evidence to back up the manufacturer’s claims that the ingredients enhance natural metabolic activity.