February 25, 2018

Acai Berry Select review


Acai Berry Select helps you lose weight by increasing metabolism and fat oxidation and also helps increase energy and fight fatigue so you have more energy for exercise and burning off calories.

Natural and Clinically Proven Ingredients

As opposed to various other Acai berry products, Acai Berry Select is in fact more than just Acai. The experts who developed Acai Berry Select wanted to make their supplement superior, so they packed each capsule full of additional nutrients to give your body what it needs to turn into a fat burning machine.

So, not only will you get the fat loss benefits of the Acai berry, you will get the main advantages of green tea and many other organic nutrients important for a wholesome everyday life.

Contains powerful ingredients for boosting metabolism and weight loss – Green Tea extract, Acai Berry extract, Chromium, Caffeine and L-Theanine.

After analyzing in depth about the list of ingredients that makes acai berry select pills, we have only been able to figure out the fact that unlike others it clearly discloses the quantity of Acai berries included in the capsule. The convincing part of this particular acai berry supplement is the inclusion of the other natural ingredients which are strong enemy of fat:

Green Tea (225 mg): Similar to caffeine, Green Tea has been proven through research to increase your metabolic rate. It burns fat, and also contains a ton of antioxidants as well.

Caffeine (200 mg): Caffeine stimulates our metabolic rate and you can find tons of information and research available online to corroborate this fact.

Chromium (75 mcg): Chromium is requisite for a metabolism of blood sugar. It actually maintains the sugar level in the blood stream. Personally, I can’t find out the exact reason of the inclusion of this ingredient which has no use for weight loss. But at the other hand, I have also not been able to identify any side-effects on its part.

Acai Berry Extract (50 mg): Provides the vital antioxidants to fight free radicals and promote healthy body function and over all health.

L-theanine (8 mg): While this ingredient doesn’t directly effect weight loss it’s been shown to reduce our stress levels. L-theanine in Acai berry select works to reduce the effects of the stimulants (caffeine and Green tea).

Here are the main benefits you will realize when you use Acai Berry Select

Makes it easy to lose weight – Acai Berry Select will make the weight melt right off your body like ice cream on a hot summers day!

Boosts your metabolism – Acai Berry Select actually boosts your metabolism, allowing your body to burn more calories without you doing anything!

Increases fat oxidation – when you take Acai Berry Select on a regular basis, your body will get used to burning fat for energy more easily, allowing you to lose more fat and maintain muscle!

Boosts energy – not only will Acai Berry Select help you lose weight, it will give you a big boost of energy that will get you through the day!

Cleanses your body – Acai berries are one of the most powerful antioxidants on earth, so taking Acai Berry Select will ensure that your body stays clean from various toxins!

Is There Any Side Effect

No,Acai berry select is made by using pure and natural acai berry extract which comes directly from the rain forest area of Brazil. The ingredients used to make this pill are natural and safe to use.

Unlike normal Acai berry supplements that are just Acai juice stuffed in a capsule,Acai Berry Select is actually packed with additional nutrients to give you many more benefits.