February 25, 2018

ChitoGenics, by New Life review – a Chitosan and ephedra product


ACTION: Absorbs fat and suppresses appetite.

SOLD AS: Tablets.

INGREDIENTS: Chitosan, 300 mg from shellfish; ephedra, 150 mg; kola nut, 100 mg; ascorbic acid (vitamin C), 50 mg; and pantothenic acid, 10 mg. Proprietary ingredients include garcinia cambogia (HeA), gymnema, white willow powder, and gingerroot powder.

HOW TO TAKE IT: A typical dosage is 1 to 2 tablets 30 minutes before meals. Chromium Reducing Formula, by Earth Science

WHAT IS IT SUPPOSED TO DO: Chitosan reportedly absorbs fat, and garcinia cambogia (HCA) blocks the conversion of carbohydrates to fat and suppresses the appetite. Both rna huang (ephedra) and kola nut stimulate metabolism. It is uncertain whether the proprietary ingredients are present at levels sufficient to be effective.

COMMENTS: This product contains ephedra, which has been linked with serious side effects, including death. It also contains chitosan, whose proposed benefits are under scrutiny. Do not take-ChitoGenics if you have heart problems, thyroid disease, diabetes, or are allergic to shellfish.