February 22, 2018

Psyllium husk and fiber for weight loss


WEIGHT LOSS PILL TYPE: Husks from the seeds of the psyllium plant are ground into a source of soluble fiber having a number of effects and benefits.

SOLD AS: Seeds, powdered husks (loose), in capsules, and as the laxative Metamucil colon cleanse.

BACKGROUND/RESEARCH: Couple of reports have looked at the role psyllium plays in losing weight, but a majority have investigated its benefits in people with high cholesterol levels and other fats. These recent studies show that fiber, and in particular psyllium, helps in reducing cholesterol and fat levels in the blood. Especially, a meta-analysis of sixty-seven studies performed by researchers at Harvard School of Public Health discovered that psyllium, in addition to oat bran, guar gum, and pectin, reduced cholesterol and fat levels. Psyllium also slows down the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, which could improve blood-sugar levels in diabetics.

PRODUCT CLAIMS: Psyllium is rich in fiber and a jellylike substance called mucilage. When psyllium makes contact with water, the mucilage absorbs the fluid, that might produce a sense of fullness. This may lessen appetite .

HOW TO TAKE IT: Herbalists’ suggested daily dose is 1 teaspoon of the husks or up to 2 teaspoons of the powdered seed, which are stirred into an 8-ounce glass of water and drunk instantly before it thickens. Drink plenty of fluids (preferably water) throughout the day.

SIDE EFFECTS: Psyllium is generally safe when taken as suggested, but it may cause abdominal cramps, bloating, and flatulence in some people.

PRECAUTIONS: Take psyllium at various times than other nutritional supplements, and do not take with water-soluble supplements (e.g., the B vitamins or vitamin C). Psyllium should invariably be taken with lots of water, both when utilizing the supplement and during the day. Those who have bowel obstruction should not take psyllium.

Best Diet Pills containing Psyllium husk and/or similar ingredients


1. Bowtrol – This is the most effective colon cleansing product containing Cascara Sagrada, Slippery Elm (Ulmus rubra) , Flax Seeds and Senna.

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2. Lemonade Diet Pills

Celebrities have been using the Lemon Cleanse or Master Cleanse for decades in order to achieve quick weight loss results and detoxify their bodies. The Lemonade Weight Loss Diet Pill has all the same natural ingredients as The Master Cleanse- Lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper.

But now all these ingredients have been conveniently combined into a weight loss pill – Lemonade Diet pill.

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Weight Loss Products containing Psyllium husk

  • Dr. Duncan’s Diet &. Cleansing plan, by Nature’s Secret Dr. Duncan's Diet &. Cleansing plan, by Nature's Secret ACTION: Promotes weight loss and internal body cleansing. SOLD AS: Tablets. INGREDIENTS: Two tablets contain the following: psyllium seed husk, 200 mg; uva ursi leaf, 200 mg; cascara s...
  • Enforma System: Exercise in a Bottle and Fat Trapper, by Enforma Enforma System: Exercise in a Bottle and Fat Trapper, by Enforma ACTION: Burns fat, eliminates fat. SOLD AS: Two products used together: both capsules. INGREDIENTS: Exercise in a Bottle consists of pyruvate; ginkgo; chromium picolinate; and g...
  • Glucomannan+ by Swanson review Glucomannan+  by Swanson ACTION: Suppresses appetite. SOLD AS: Capsules. INGREDIENTS: Two' capsules contain: "psyllium husk fiber, 600 mg; konjac glucomannan, 450 mg; apple pectin, 300 mg; chitosan (93 percent deacetylated), 300 mg; guar gum, ...
  • Minolest, by Bionax review Minolest, by Bionax ACTION: Suppresses appetite. AVAILABLE AS: Powder, sold in packets. INGREDIENTS: Psyllium, glucomannan, and guar gum. HOW TO TAKE IT: The package directions are to mix the contents of a packet with water and drink i...
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  • CleanseRX review CleanseRX is actually colon cleansing along with detoxification system that offers to improve digestive system work as effectively as you possibly can. This is a detoxification procedure that happens in two different phases on the two-month period. It inc...