• greentea_350x350
    Best Green tea weight loss pills

    TYPE /DEFINITION: Metabolic stimulator and diuretic. Green tea is the least processed form of ...

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  • ephedrine_plus2_350x350
    Ephedra pills review – Ephedra ma huang for weight loss

    Ephedra MANUFACTURERS/BRAND NAME: Also known as ma huang, Mormon tea, cowboy tea, squaw tea, ...

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  • cayenne-pepper_350x350
    Cayenne (capsaicin) review – Cayenne pepper diet pills for weight loss

    SOLD AS: Capsules, usually 400 to 500 mg, or 100,000 IV (international units); also powder, ...

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  • Senna-Laxative_350x350
    Senna laxative and tea for weight loss

    WEIGHT LOSS PILL TYPE: Laxative. Senna comes from the leaves of a shrub developed in northern ...

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  • cascara-sagrada_350x350
    Cascara sagrada benefits for weight loss

    HOW TO TAKE IT: Even though individuals get cascara sagrada to enable them to slim down, ...

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